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You know you’ve got a newborn when…

If you’ve just had a baby, then you’re probably discovering what life is really like with a newborn…
1. You gave birth a month ago and still look 6 months pregnant
2. Slumming it in your overworn pyjama bottoms until midday has become the norm
3. Sick on your outfit before you leave the house no longer warrants an outfit change
4. Hearing ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’ makes you want to scream
5. You can’t remember the last time you finished a hot cup of tea
6. You’ve googled ‘is green poo normal?’ more than once
7. You’re amazed at what you can do on 2 hours’ sleep
8. You glare at your partner in disgust as he snores soundly at 3am
9. There’s always a muslin cloth on your shoulder, slightly damp with God-knows-what
10. You’ve almost put the cat in the washing machine, mistaking it for a pair of knickers
11. You often eat your breakfast at 3pm
12. You’ve discovered how to do everything one-handedly
13. You’ll catch yourself rocking a a pint of milk as if it were a baby
14. Your toilet breaks feel like a trip to the spa
15. Your camera roll is 99% photos of your baby


2 thoughts on “You know you’ve got a newborn when…”

  1. Funny stuff, It’s such a whirlwind having a newborn at home, sleep when the baby sleeps.. seriously the most stupid comment ever, its not that easy for a fully grown adult to switch off for 10 minute intervals…


  2. All so true! Except number 10 as I don’t have a cat 😂. This reminded me of my own experience and it seemed like such a long time ago. This will all pass and you’ll look back with fond memories.


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