What my kid wore Wednesday #4

Welcome back to what my kid wore… I say Wednesday, however it is very clearly Thursday today. Baby O did wear this outfit yesterday, however we are in teething hell at the moment so I had all good intentions of being a good blogger when the day started yesterday, but as the day went on it became very apparent that I wasn’t going to get any writing done, let alone publish a post.

Talking of teething, Baby O cut his first 2 bottom little teeth a couple of weeks ago! We have had about a week of bliss, no screaming, no snot, no dribble… and then BAM this week it is all back. So I can only assume he is cutting some more teethy pegs again. I would love to know if your babies cut their teeth quite close together?

Anyway.. back to what he wore! It has been SO hot in Kent recently, so we have had out all our summer clothes, however today was very grey and overcast so we went for a pair of our favourite leggings teamed with a Next tee.

T – Shirt – Next.  Leggings – Handmade with love. Bib – cheeky chompers.  Socks – Primark

I just LOVE this outfit, I have noticed by doing these posts that there is a bit of a monochrome theme going on. It’s just what I tend to reach for in his wardrobe. Plus leggings are my all time fav to put on him.


We didn’t get up to anything too exciting today, as I mentioned we are in teething hell, so we spent the afternoon at my mums – always the answer when the baby is being challenging.

Also this week Duchess – our beagle wanted in on the action, because if it’s not the baby, it’s the dog. I can’t do anything alone.


Would love to see what your bubbas have worn this week and what you have been loving!


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