What my kid wore Wednesday #3

Welcome back to what my kid wore Wednesday. I took a week off last week as I had a poorly little boy who to tell the truth didn’t get dressed all day, so what he wore last Wednesday was his PJs probably covered in porridge and snot #scummymummy but sometimes it’s a needs must for those kind of situations.

This week we aren’t much better but his chest has cleared and not just a constant runny nose, can I just take a second to ask why children HATE having their noses wiped? Like seriously he is 7 months old and it’s full on meltdown every single time!

Anyway, we did manage to get dressed this week (just) so here is what we came up with.

Romper – Cribstar Socks – Primark


This is one of my favourite outfits on Baby O. I just love a good inst shop – who doesn’t.
It’s really stylish but still comfy for my little man so he can kick and roll around freely. It’s still a little bit big for him as he is in between sizes. Size 3-6 is slightly too small for him and 6-9 slightly too big!! A little bit more growing to do baby bear!



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