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A letter to my 6 month old baby boy

How are we at 6 months already, 6 months! That’s half of a whole year. I constantly battle with myself wanting time to slow down and for you to be my cute, chubby, happy baby forever, but then every single day you amaze me with the new things you do and I just can’t wait to see more and more. I’m sure with each month that passes, it goes quicker than the last, and really, I actually can’t believe it was 6 whole months ago that we first met. One of the best days of my life was when our eyes first met, that moment mummy will never forget and I wish I could do it all again just to get that feeling of meeting you again my darling boy.


As each month is, this month has been very eventful. You learn new things each and every day, with your cheeky smile and contagious laugh. You are getting such a big strong boy now.

YOU CAN NOW SIT UP, you have really mastered this new skill this past month. You have been sitting up for a little while now, but was very weeble like. However now you have mastered it, and you are very pleased with yourself. Now that you can do it, you never want to lay down. This can make the task of nap time quite long, but it’s ok, mummy knows that you just want to learn and take in everything that you can see.



when I say talking, of course I mean just talking your language but compared to all your baby friends, you certainly have a lot to say. Sometimes you are so loud, you need to tell the whole of the shop what’s on your mind. Your favourite word is still ‘Da Da’. Mummy is trying her hardest to get a mamma out of you but it’s ok, it makes me so happy that I know you love daddy so much.
Everyone we meet comments on what a happy, smiley, cheeky baby you are. You are (mostly) always happy and flirting with all the ladies with your big cheesy smile.

We still take you to swimming lessons every week, but this month you have cracked kicking your legs and you love it. Whenever you can see the little plastic fishy you kick your legs like crazy to get it. Your such a clever boy and such a natural in the water. Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you.


For your 6 month birthday mummy took you to the farm with your best friend Jessie. You had such a fun day. Seeing the animals is your favourite thing to do at the moment. Mummy put you on the swing for the first time. You was very serious as you were taking it all in, however you held on tight like a big boy, but wouldn’t look at mummy for a photo, you were more interested in the big boy next to you going very high. One day baby, one day!


You have been having baby food for a little while now. You love your food (not sure where you got that trait from) but at the start of this month we started to give you finger food. At first you wasn’t so sure and just wanted mummy to put it in your mouth like I usually do with the spoon. This left you feeling a little frustrated when you realised you had to do it yourself. But after a couple of days you just got it. You had learned a new skill. Now you feed yourself lots of different yummy things. You get extra messy and you love being sneaky and feeding your left overs to duchess. Your favourites so far are mango sticks, toast, and Ella’s kitchen carrot and parsnip puffs. You really didn’t like scrambled egg so you fed the whole bowl to duchess.


I can’t wait for the next month to see all the exciting new things you are going to master. As I am writing this, today you have been standing up, holding onto the sofa! I wonder if next month you will be standing properly, or furniture surfing. Although I am excited to see what it will bring, I really do wish time would slow down, just a little.

Mummy had a meeting at work this month and I have had to arrange a date for going back. I am only going to be working part time now so I will still have lots of days to spend just with you making more memories, mummy has to work darling so we can afford all the nice treats we have. It really made mummy sad that night though (and that was just setting the date) I held you a little longer, and a little tighter that night, I may have even rocked you to sleep in our rocking chair (sshh don’t tell daddy) I wish I could spend all day every day with you forever but I know as you get bigger you will need a little (just a little) time learning new things away from mummy.

Oliver, thank you for the best 6 months of my life!! You are amazing.

All my love, now and forever
Mummy x




11 thoughts on “A letter to my 6 month old baby boy”

  1. Oh my this makes my heart totally melt, my beautiful daughter and my gorgeous grandson – I am so blessed and I love watching you together, wish I could see you every day πŸ’–πŸ’™


  2. This had me so close to tears! It’s just so incredibly special to watch a tiny person grow into the person they’re supposed to be. I’m not a mother myself, but I’m a big sister and I can’t believe how one minute he was a tiny little baby, and now he’s starting high school and is taller than me! Such a beautiful post ❀


  3. Awwwww he looks like a very happy boy! I’m sure Oliver would love to read this when he grows up. You are such a good mum ❀


  4. What a lovely post! And what a cutie πŸ™‚ He looks very happy – it’s great seeing the growth and development children go through – they’re learning so much all the time. This is a lovely way to document it all πŸ™‚


  5. This brought tears to my eyes! It’s clear from reading this that you absolutely adore your son (who couldn’t?! look at that handsome wee face and cheeky smile!) I hope your son can one day look back on this and appreciate how much you have done for him. I would love to be able to look back on posts like this from either of my parents – wonderful idea! I have written a letter to my anxiety (not as exciting) for Mental Health Awareness month but can’t wait to do something like this for my child.


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