Little one tag

I was tagged by Kai over at kaidenlaverty to take part in the Little One tag #littleone. It’s a fun set of questions where you imagine how your little human would answer if they could!!

Here we go!
What’s the best thing about being 6 months old?
I have my mummy and daddy and everyone else for that matter wrapped around my little finger. I like to fake cough whilst eating to worry mummy, that’s funny. And I love to cry when anyone walks away so they come back to play with me.

What’s your favourite toy?
I’m not sure I have a favourite, but up there is my moo moo cow that sings to me and my Ferris wheel that sticks to my highchair. I also love playing with my links, I like to bash people with those when I get excited.

Favourite thing to do?
I like going out for the day with my best pal Jessie, I also love pulling daddy’s beard. That’s pretty funny.

Favourite outfit?
I don’t think I have a favourite outfit, I’m a boy so I don’t really care what mummy puts me in much. Although I know mummy has lots of favourite outfits, those are generally the ones I poo all over.

Favourite TV programme?
I really like Masha and the bear. I love watching naughty Masha so that I can copy her mischievous ways when I’m a bit bigger.

Favourite book?
I have a lot of books and I like them all. Mumma or dadda generally read me a story before bed, it makes me feel sleepy, but sometimes I scream as I remember sleep is for the weak!

Favourite food?
I just love eating in general. Mummy try’s to give me vegetables and fruit but it’s much better when daddy feeds me chocolate and toffee sauce when mummy isn’t looking.

Favourite song?
I like it when mummy does row row row the boat with me, it makes me laugh. I also like 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed because mummy does a funny dance. She’s silly.

What makes you laugh?
When daddy plays arms up – arms down with me and when mummy plays peek a boo. Those guys are silly

Who do you love and why?
I love my Dada, Mumma and aunties. I really love my nana too, she buys me lots of presents.

I tag:

Lisa – Mummy Gummie

Susie – This is me now

I look forward to reading what your little ones have to say.

Thanks for the Tag, and we hope you enjoyed this little bit of light hearted fun


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