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A Faint Line


Fast forward just over a week. The 26th January came, my period due date, and it went. It was a Tuesday and I was working the next 3 long days at work. The next 3 days came and went also, no Aunt Flo. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t take a test, as there was no need, I wasn’t pregnant right? I had a negative test the week before. Also my periods were always all over the place, so this was normal for me right? In the back of my mind I was holding on to a tiny glimmer of hope that I might, just might be growing a little miracle. However I told Dan that if I hadn’t come on by the Friday, which was my next day off then I would do a test. Dan didn’t think I should, as after having to come clean about taking a sneaky test the week before, he thought we should wait another week to see if my period arrived. I think I had drummed it in to him so much that it wouldn’t happen straight away he thought there was no way this early for it to be possible, so he was trying to reassure me that my period was always late so just wait another week, rather than take an early test (again) and be disappointed (again)

The very first pee stick!! Its POSITIVE!!

Friday morning came and Dan had convinced me I wasn’t pregnant, I was reluctantly awaiting Aunt Flo to arrive. I had laser eye surgery booked in for 10.10, so I was up at 7am unable to sleep. Dan of course was still snoring happily not nervous at all that he was paying for his wife’s eyes to get zapped. The night before I had been reading all the paperwork and had came across a section about pregnancy. See your not allowed laser surgery if you are pregnant, I thought nothing of it. I wasn’t pregnant right, I knew that. But for some reason, reading that line gave me butterflies. I must just be nervous I thought.

7.30 am – I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, what if I was pregnant and I’m just about to go and get laser eye surgery that I know your not allowed if your pregnant. What if I was pregnant and something bad happened, I would blame it on the laser surgery and would never be able to forgive myself. I had another first response test in the drawer. Aunt Flo was now 3 days late. I peed on the stick and waited. I put the pee stick on the edge of the bath whilst still sat on the toilet… why do we do that, feel the need to not move from the toilet until you get the result (or is that just me) … I waited the full 3 minutes this time, let’s do it properly. 3 minutes later… I slowly turned the stick over, and there it was, right in front of my eyes.

Was that a faint line?? Was I still just too tired, I rubbed my eyes a few times. It was definitely there. My heart was in my throat and the tears started to stream down my face. We had done it, we had created a little miracle.



Baby Mills



29th January 2016 – 7.30am, the day our lives changed forever, the day we found out we were about to embark on the best journey of our lives



How I announced the news to D x



10 thoughts on “A Faint Line”

  1. Wow! I remember this feeling so vividly, especially with my first. I was so shocked I had to stick my head out the window to breathe in some air whilst my husband finished his shower before I could tell him!

    Are you still waiting to get your eyes lasered?! I had that done recently.

    Kate x


    1. I know, I still remember it like it was yesterday. Such an overwhelming feeling. Yes I’m still waiting. You have to wait 6 months after you stop breastfeeding so I still have another 2 months to wait. I can’t wait to get them done, is it as good as everyone says? X


  2. With our youngest I was feeling sick before my period was even late. We did a test and there was a REALLY faint line so we couldn’t tell. 4 days later there was no mistaking that line! 🙂 A little miracle indeed, each and every child


  3. congrats on your baby, it’s really nerve racking when you are not sure and you have been trying, thank God you listened to that inner voice and checked one last time before you went for your procudure!


  4. This reminds me of both times got pregnant with my girls. The second time, like you ,I took an early test that said negative a week later I got the faintest line you could imagine (barely visible) I thought it was negative at first until I looked back at it hours later, it’s a wonder why I didn’t throw it in the bin? I took about 15 tests consecutively over the next few weeks 😂 I can laugh now but it was all I wanted at that time. It’s amazing when you get that positive-such a lovely feeling


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