Newly weds

The best day of my life!

So the big day was finally here, I had waited for the past 2 and a half years (well all my life really) for this day to come, and here it was! I thought back to the exciting wedding planning that we had been doing over the past couple of years and I truly couldn’t believe THE day was just about to unfold in front of me!

I woke up at 5.20am, excited in anticipation of the day ahead, I didn’t really feel like eating (Very unlike me) but knew I had to as we had a long day ahead of us. My bridesmaids and Dan’s mum were due to arrive at 7am.

brides awake

The proceedings of the morning started, and i’m never one to take long to get ready so I honestly believed I wouldn’t be late for the ceremony – who was I kidding, I had turned into this calm and collected diva! I had my hair re-done 3 times, which of course set us back, however everything seemed to be going to plan – except I hadn’t once looked at the clock! 1st mistake!

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A few of the suppliers started to leave to take the 20 minute journey to our beautifully serene venue, it was only at this point that I realised how much more ‘getting ready’ we still had to do and I started to feel a little flustered.

All my dreamed of shots of my bridesmaids getting into the dresses, their reaction to when they saw me in my dress, all went out the window as it became a mass panic to just at least be dressed as we were running the risk of turning up to the ceremony in our dressing gowns! All dignity out the window and running from room to room in just my knickers (sincere apologies to anyone who I scarred with this sight), I suppose it was one way to become comfortable with the in-laws! Mad dash to actually get some clothes on, and we were finally ready! 40 minutes late – with a 20 minute journey ahead of us! And one last problem, we had to fully check out of our hotel room, so EVERYTHING had to be carted down to the cars – Didn’t think of that before we all got dressed in our beautiful dresses. Cue my dad and step-dad working together like true hero’s (despite their thoughts on each other) and me shouting at them not to come into the room I was dressed in as if anything I didn’t want to ruin the first look my dad got of me with our disorganisation!

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So finally we made the mad dash to our venue – Cooling Castle Barn, this is when it hit me that I was actually just about to get married, I clutched my dads hand very tightly and remember taking lots of deep breaths. When we arrived, I was greeted by the staff, my bridesmaids were already there waiting, I was desperate for a glass of water, thats all i remember saying, then it was kindly pointed out to me that my dress wasn’t done up properly – every brides nightmare whilst just about to walk down the aisle. My dress had hundreds of buttons the whole way down the back (on top of a zip) In our mass rush to get dressed, I had just been zipped in and thats it. There was no way we had time to do up these hundreds of tiny, fiddly buttons – so the top few were done and that’s it.
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It was time!

I hadn’t been at all nervous, until now! The music had started and my bridesmaids had left me. It was my turn, deep breaths, deep breaths Jade.

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All of a sudden i was at the end of the aisle, like I had drifted down on a cloud of happiness. Dan was there waiting for me with a tear in his eye and everything was just perfect. That moment you dream of as a little girl, walking down the aisle in a princess dress to your prince charming, the love of your life, and as he turns around to see you, he has tears in his eyes – it was happening. My dreams were coming true, and I had my very own real life fairytale moment.


The ceremony went by in a bit of a blur, but was by far the best part of the whole day, it felt like there was no-one else in the whole room apart from me and him, it really was a whirlwind. There are 2 parts of the ceremony that stand out for me, and that I will have a little laugh about inside forever, whereas at the time it was one of those moments where you just want the world to swallow you up.

The one instruction I had given Dan was to put vaseline on his ring finger, he had it written down with  a small tub of vaseline he could keep in his pocket, the groomsmen also had instruction to remind him to coat his finger before I arrived – strange you are thinking, and reading this back I am laughing out loud at how much of an odd request this is to make. Dan’s ring didn’t fit on his finger properly and was a struggle to get on (once on it’s fine, and believe me, its never coming off without sawing his finger off) so in my crazy wedding brain, I thought by putting something slippery on his finger we would have no problems – Lets just say, he was very well behaved and lubricated his finger but all it led to was holding a slimy hand and him still having to put his own wedding ring on!

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The second moment is one that everyone has nightmares about in the run up to the wedding – what if i forget my vowels or say them wrong? Yep you guessed it, I was so caught up with emotion and teary that Dan had also listened to my second instruction of ‘putting a tissue’ in his top pocket incase I cry, that as the master of ceremonies was saying my vowels for me to repeat, I was just transfixed on Dan’s loveliness that I just completely went blank as to what I had to say, a very awkward silence later and Dan having to repeat to me first what to say, I finally got the line out, and no more embarrassing to the fact that it was my own name that I had forgot! Cringe!

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The rest of the day whizzed by, everyone that is already married says to you ‘oh enjoy every second as it goes by so fast’ I truly believed that our day wouldn’t flash by, but oh boy it went so fast that we could have literally blinked and it would have been over.

It got to 9.30pm and I was begging my now new husband to go to bed, now getting up at 5.30am didn’t seem like such a great idea, but seriously when did I get so old, that I couldn’t have a full day of excitement without wanting to go to bed at 9 o’clock. My poor husband must have been thinking ‘god seriously, get a grip its 9’oclock on our wedding day and you are begging to go to sleep – the poor man! I did just about manage another couple of hours before our truly magical day was over!!

People say that their wedding day was the best day of their lives, but honestly it really is, all the hard work we had put into planning, all the tears, all the saving and months of extra shifts and staying in, really paid off!

25.06.2015 Mr & Mrs Mills x

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