The proposal

After months of hinting, pestering and moaning about the fact Dan hadn’t yet popped the question, we come to a cold, wintery Thursday morning – December 13th 2012.

To me this was just going to be another boring Thursday, much like all the other Thursday’s were at that particular time. See for the past 6 months I had had no job. I had qualified from University with all the hopes in the world of a fulfilling career ahead of me as a Midwife, and then the reality hit and I didn’t get a job. So I joined the daily grind, and entered into the unemployed population – daily watching of Jeremy Kyle was starting to take its toll, as was the sofa which had developed a bum shaped groove in my favourite seat! So as you can imagine, life was pretty dull, I had been hinting for months for him to cheer me up and finally ask me to be his wife – I mean why wouldn’t he want to marry this unemployed slob who had ruined the sofa from consistently watching daytime TV for 8 hours every day, every mans dream, right?

However things were starting to look up, I had had a job offer as a Midwife at the local hospital, and 13th December I had to go in and collect my new uniform and then I had a coffee date with my cousin.

I woke up this morning in a panic for Dan as I realised it was past 9 o’clock, it was a Thursday, he had work today so there goes the nagging moany girlfriend, pestering him to get out of bed as he was now late for work. After some teasing and little white lies, Dan reveals that he wasn’t going into work today as he had an early birthday treat for me (My birthday is 19th December), I then preceded to remind him of my plans for the day – horror sunk in as he couldn’t understand why today of all days I had chosen to break my daily routine of JK watching and sofa slobbing. I was told to run my errands and make sure i’m home before lunch.

On my return, to my surprise the flat was spotless, a very strange occurrence and off we set, to the mystery destination.

After a 20 minute journey we arrived at a destination that I had only ever dreamed of going to, as it was far too expensive for normal people like us to go.  We had a wonderful lunch at a beautiful table, everything was perfect. What a lovely birthday treat I kept thinking, it was once we had finished eating, Dan told me that we had a room and spa package booked and the overnight bag was in the car – this really was turning into an extravagant birthday treat, all the while thinking how high he had set the bar now for birthday presents, and how was I ever going to beat this.

rowhill grange
Rowhill Grange

Up we went to our beautiful room it was perfect however I wasn’t really taking alot in as I was desperate to use the bathroom, at this point Dan started to become shuffly and was acting rather weird, he asked me to be quick as he also needed to use the bathroom (I know now he didn’t actually need to use the loo, he was just trying to throw me off scent for his awkwardness) Me being the wonderful girlfriend I am, thought ‘oh he needs the loo, i will be quick’ so a wee in super speed time and I emerged from the bathroom with my jeans half down – so romantic.

Newly engaged couple!

Whilst in the bathroom, I could hear some clinking and clashing going on but thought no more of it, on exiting the bathroom, with said jeans down, Dan quickly stood up and hid something behind his back. When he realised I was half dressed, I didn’t get the response I was expecting – you know, boyfriend, girlfriend, luxurious hotel room, jeans half off – I’m sure I don’t need to go into any more detail, instead I was greeted by a frustrated mouthful of how I needed to get my jeans on properly and why aren’t they done up – strange?

In hindsight I was ruining his beautifully prepared speech of how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me ect ect and that wasn’t going to be so romantic with a half naked girl stood in front of him.

After lots of tears and a beautiful ring that fit perfectly…. I of course said YES!!

engagement ring
The Ring!!


Rowhill Grange:


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