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Fit for fertility

This is a subject we have thought long and hard about whether to share with you or not, as as you can imagine it can be quite a personal and sensitive subject, but we gathered as we have taken you all with us on our journey so far, it only feels right to continue to bring you with us on the next chapter of our lives.

Dan and I have always wanted children, but there never seemed an appropriate time to decide ‘now is the time’. We have spoke about this subject over and over again, dreaming and fantasizing what our lives would be like with our very own baby, discussing names, parenting skills, the list goes on.

We had decided in 2012 that in January 2013 I would come off of my pill, and we would start ‘trying’ for a baby, however Dan then proposed to me in December 2012. We discussed the whole baby thing and decided we might as well do things properly and wait until we were married. Its a good job we did really as I then became chronically ill in 2014. I do believe everything happens for a reason, although some things I do often sit and ponder on ‘why’.

So cast back to  December 2016, we had been married for 7 months and the whole baby subject reappeared, again we had lots of discussion into it, and whether it was the right time, were we financially stable enough, we were still saving for a mortgage (or at least half heartedly trying), but then we came to a well known conclusion of – there is never a perfect time to have a baby.

My health was at a point where I was thankfully at last, suffering less and less and my neurologist had told us that if we wanted to conceive I needed to be in a good enough place to come off my highly teterogenic medication (as it can cause abnormalities in the fetus), so we decided that I would start to wean off my medication over a 2 month period and see what happened. If my health didn’t suffer then I would come off of my pill in December. Plus it worked out quite well in Dan’s eyes as he was adamant he didn’t want a baby to be born in July or August because of the school years – this was a thought that hadn’t even entered my mind, but strange things seemed to be entering his.


So we began the weaning journey and amazingly I felt like a new woman being off my medication, so as to plan I came off of my pill late December, which kind of felt weird after taking contraception since I was 15, I all of a sudden felt like a lone free ranger – this was it, we were on the baby making wagon….



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