Bucket List

So here we go… My first ever blog post.

For years I have wanted to start blogging, not that I think my life is that interesting that anyone would want to read about it, but in a selfless way ive wanted to do it for myself! I love writing, and what better thing to write about other than yourself!

So after years of deliberation and laziness, I decided that 2016 would be the year I started. At the beginning of this year my Husband (I just like saying that…Husband) and I wrote a bucket list of things we wanted to achieve together in our marriage, one of my top things on the list was ‘to start a blog’


Now, I am used to writing, I mean come on I made it through 5 years of studying to become a midwife, and my lecturer at university always told me, that one day she expects to see my name on a book or online as I just loved to tell a story and waffle… Not a great approach to my academic essays, but I just about made it through.

So here goes, it begins.

J x


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